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       Ramesh Trivedi - Founder

402 E Palmer Ave,
Addison IL 60101 U S A
Email : ramesh@gas-on-demand.com
Phone : 630 530 8873
Fax : 630 233 8680
Cell : 630 550 7658

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Sun, Wind, Water 4 Fuel 2 Electric Energy

Gas-On-Demand.com is a passionate project that is aimed at introducing the world to a variety of alternate energy sources, that are renewable in nature and have been given to us by our dear mother nature free of cost. These sources of energy are all around us, and we had never realized their potential before. This project aims at revealing the true facts about this tremendous natural treasure that can not only provide us with lifelong supply of pure energy, but also let us control the pollution of atmosphere to unprecedented levels, and thereby making our planet earth, a happier place to be on.

The key technology areas that we are exploring right now are :

This website serves as the central hub for all the activities related to this project. There is a lot of educational material present on these topics that can be explored to know how can we create a better future for ourselves and our generations to come. We also have a great variety of electronic books that you can buy for great, never before seen prices.These books, with a practicle approach, tell you how to actually implement all that is shown on this website in real life and experience it all yourself.

Please feel free to go through all the sections of our site to get yourself educated on these issues and take first step towards creating a more sustainable environment and save our beloved planet.

    Free Fuel and Energy Education

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